It’s always strange trying to write about yourself. Much easier to write about things and ideas, but yourself? Where do I even begin? It’s difficult, so let’s just start from the top.

My name is Diana Sheldon. I’m a full-time mother to two beautiful children and a partner to a member of the military. I don’t currently work as my family takes near all of my time, and what little I have left I have decided to put to good use for this blog. I enjoy a variety of things, from keeping myself fit to cooking good meals and hosting my extended family and friends for wonderful nights.

As for the site? Compt-Aam is made on the belief that anywhere can be a home if you set your heart to it. As a mother of two to a military partner, life has proven this time and time again. Countless times we’ve all had to pack our lives away and move across the country, or even the world at times, and through this experience, we have learned a lot about how to make anywhere work as a home.

It also reflects a part of my past life – I used to work in the world of museums and would encounter the Committee on Museum Professional Training from time to time. Their work rubbed off on me, and this domain used to be one set up for their use. It was kindly given to me, however, and now I aim to make the best of it.

So now you have a good idea of what everything is here, do you need anything else? If so, feel free to contact me.

Until then!