Neon signs have been around for decades. For most of that time, neon signs were only for advertising or decorative purposes. However, neon signs have found their way into our homes in recent years. Let’s consider some facts about them.

Neon Sign Fun Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “neon” is something neon that lights up. A neon sign is a lighting fixture that is powered by an electric current and is often used to illuminate a sign or advertisement. However, neon signs can also be found in other settings, such as in a tattoo parlor or a man cave.

Neon signs are a primary source of nighttime illumination for millions of people living in small cities, suburbs, and towns. However, many people do not know the fascinating things behind this type of lighting. Let’s learn some of those with the following fun facts about neon signs:

  1. Neon signs are made by a French engineer. The genius behind the neon lighting was the French engineer and businessman, Georges Claude. In the early 1900s, Claude invented a device with a neon tube covered with a glass envelope. Inside the envelope, which was filled with neon gas, was a small electric bulb connected to the filament of a vacuum tube. The process was simple: when the electric current passed through the gas, the gas heated up and turned into a luminous emission.
  2. Neon signs have always been one of the brightest forms of advertising, and they still are today. Neon signs are popular because they are eye-catching, colorful, and simple to read. Their vibrant color palette of orange, blue, and pink, combined with a sleek, high-tech appearance, captures people’s attention and creates that all-important first impression. So, as one of the fun facts about neon signs, here’s why neon signs are bright: they emit light by using electricity and are typically used in indoor or outdoor spaces to make them bright.
  3. Neon signs are handmade. Neon signs are an iconic Los Angeles hallmark, but did you know that they are 100%? Yes, that’s right. Even though signs are made of a very thin sheet of glass, there are many steps involved in making sure that they look and operate beautifully. For the past 20 years, neon lighting experts and professional sign makers have been using the same process to create neon signs: they first draw a detailed design using a computer, then cut it out onto the sign with a laser. The sign maker then heats the drawing with a powerful bulb, where the drawing and crystals melt the plastic material together. The sign maker then creates a print of the design and then applies it to the sign with a squeegee. This process is known as silk screening, and it was invented in the 1930s. Now, you can do the same with a neon sign, using a technique called laser cutting.
  4. Neon signs glow bright enough to be seen through heavy fog. In the past, neon lights were burned into the glass of neon signs, and then the glass was coated in phosphorescent paint. The heat from the lamp, combined with the phosphorescent paint, would glow brightly to advertise whatever the sign was advertising. Businesses primarily use them for advertising in order to attract customers. Placing a sign in the window of a restaurant or shop can be one of the most effective ideas to attract more customers, whereas a neon sign in an office can make them appear much more approachable to clients. They are now electronic and the phosphorescent paint is gone. Instead, the light is created by a neon tube, and an electronic bulb lights the sign. Neon signs are also the most durable and enduring signs used on buildings or hanging on the outside of structures. They may be a great way to advertise any business, but they are also especially useful in the winter, as they can glow bright enough to be seen when the conditions are foggy.
  5. Neon signs are sculpted with a lot of care and attention to detail. There are a variety of signs with different meanings and purposes. Neon signs are more than just something to look at – they are an art form and have become a symbol of a city’s culture and heritage.

Neon signs are so much more than just a trendy lighting setup. Nowadays, neon signs can be considered as a part of the modern decoration in your bar, club, or even signs for restaurants.

These pieces of art can be also viewed as symbols of nostalgia and a reminder of the legendary nightlife of the past. Whether you prefer the raucous and bold colors of the past or the quirky art deco design of the present, there’s no denying the power of neon signs.

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