Home Is Where You Are

To Understand What Home Is, Everyone Should Move And Learn What Makes It So

When you pick up your bags and go, you choose what comes with you. What is so vital that without it things don't feel right? What is required for you to make your new destination a home? The answer may be less than you think.

It is a difficult thing to move house. However, anywhere can become a home if you put everything into making it so. Whether it be a shiny new build, a fixer upper, or somewhere that is a temporary location, learning how to have your peace in its setting is a vital skill. 

One Track Is Not All My Mind Holds

Just because a home is an inspiration for this site does not mean it is all one should think about. There is a lot that goes into life, after all. Your family, your friends, your finances, food... 

There are other things of course. My point is don't expect me to only write about housing matters. Decor and purchasing are important, but I have other passions in life. Cooking is one of them - I enjoy hosting friends and family for dinners - alongside fitness and health. 

Keeping yourself varied and your life interesting is key to enjoying the world around you. So, join me as we explore these things in turn.