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How to Organize Home Cleaning Tasks

Being a homeowner is one of my greatest achievements, but the responsibilities that come with it are something that I have struggled with. Not so much keeping up with the repairs as I expected this. But it’s keeping up with the housework that I found to be a real challenge. As a first-time homeowner, I didn’t realize how time-consuming this would be. I became aware of the importance of keeping your home clean after learning of people who have left their home in a dirty state for too long and resulted in having a pest issue! This worried me, the idea of having to look into pest control forest park way, like my friend did, in order to make sure their house was free of pests. I realised that regular cleaning was the only way to move forward. So, I decided that if I wanted to have any time to myself, I needed to develop a plan that would let me get all the cleaning done and leave me time for myself. It worked, so I thought I would pass my ideas along to you if you were having the same problems.

Start With a List

I realized that one of the problems I was having was that I was not organized. I wrote a list of all the tasks that had to be done. I broke the list down into what had to be done daily, weekly, then on occasion.

My daily tasks were simple: Making the beds, doing the dishes, and tidying up the living room at the end of the evenings. The problem here was I didn’t do these tasks at the right time. Then just before going to bed, they all needed doing. I realized I needed to organize my time better. As soon as I got up in the morning, I made the beds. Right after dinner, I did the dishes. Then all that was left was to tidy the living room. I no longer felt overwhelmed.

My weekly tasks: I am a working woman, so all of my housecleaning chores got left to the weekends. Which meant that I had no time left over to do some of the things I wanted to do. To solve this problem, I went to my list of chores, which was comprised of:

  • Sweeping and washing the hardwood floors
  • Vacuuming the carpets
  • Dusting
  • Doing the laundry
  • Organizing the clutter created throughout the week.

I decided to assign one of these chores for each day of the week. Doing them individually was a lot better than cramming them all into one day on the weekend. Once I had prepared dinner while cooking, I would do all the dusting. Then the next day, I would do the vacuuming. It ended up, so I was doing one of the weekend chores each day of the week. When the weekend came, I was thrilled that all the housework had been done, and I had the whole weekend to myself.

I planned to do them on the last weekend of every month for the occasional chores. I also divided them up into tasks that could be completed by myself and tasks that I may need to turn to a professional for. Cleaning the carpets was no hard task, but I figured the moldy grout in the bathroom and the exterior windows may need a service such as a window cleaner and a Bathroom Mold Removal service to potentially come and help. I currently am trying to tackle them myself but in the future, I may be looking to use a professional to assist me.

Taking It a Step Further

I also discovered that I was wasting a lot of time doing the chores. I spent more time getting everything together that I needed than I did on the tasks themselves. It meant I needed to get organized here as well.

I set up a cleaning box that had everything in it that I needed. After each use, I made sure that I restocked it, so it was ready to use next time. After using the vacuum, I cleaned it out, so it was prepared to go again. I was almost able to cut the time spent on my cleaning chores by one quarter by following these few steps.

Relying on Others

As the home lady, I felt it was my responsibility to keep the house orderly. I now realized that I was not the only one living here, and it was time everyone pitched in. Like the kids putting their dishes in the sink, just simple things helped. Or my husband removing his shoes when coming in from working in the garage. I definitely thought about hiring someone like this Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham company to come and give the carpets a proper, professional clean once or twice a year – I still might one day!

The Bottom Line

The biggest lesson I learned from all of this is that it really comes down to two things. One is time management, and the other being organized. I was surprised that I had not applied these two concepts to this area of my life before. I practice both excellent organization skills and time management in my working environment. I didn’t realize I could carry these skills into my home life. I am no longer a slave to housework.

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