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LEDs, The New Technology For Neon Signs

When it comes to neon signs, LED lights have become the technology that the majority of us will use for our home décor. We shall explore here the history of neon signs, the advantage of using LED lights, and just how many uses the neon signs available from companies such as Neon Mama have within our homes.


George Claude, a Frenchman, can be credited with producing neon as a by-product of the air liquefaction process in 1900. In 1910 he would demonstrate the first lamps at the Paris Motor Show. He would show two 12 metre long bright red neon tubes for the very first time.

It was in 1912 that the first commercial sign using neon lights could be found lighting up a shop window. It was used to light a barber’s shop on Boulevard Montmartre. The following year, Cinzano would have a rooftop advertisement in neon lights.

Jacques Rister received a French patient in 1926 for fluorescent tube coatings. This type of neon sign would use a mixture of argon/mercury gas to emit ultraviolet light.

In 1962, at the age of 33, scientist Nick Holonyak, Jr. created the first light-emitting diode or LED that had a practical purpose. Since then, technology has used LED lights to create the traditional neon signs that were once widely used and have allowed for them to feature in homes as well as businesses.

Advantages of LED Neon Signs

LED signs are much brighter than the previous neon signs. They can be seen from a further distance away and even when it is broad daylight. This makes them ideal for home interiors.

LED neon lights are cheaper to run because they run on a much lower voltage than traditional neon does. This makes them more energy efficient. On average, they will cost 20 percent less to run. The cost-saving allows for you to have larger signs, between half a metre and two metres in size, that will cost very little to run.

LED neon signs are appealing to look at and attract guests to a home. They will be a talking point and something that puts your home on the map when it comes to memorable parties. Everyone will want a sign like you have in your home and be asking where you got it from. To tell them will make you very popular. Then, when you visit the other person’s home, it will feel like home because they have installed the very same sign that you have, except for the fact that they have chosen a different colour, because they can. Colours available will include blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, or white. A choice of 8 colours, in fact, including the primary colours and those of the rainbow.

Uses for Neon Signs

Inside your home, today’s LED neon lights can be used for creating images of animals or movie characters, for displaying inspirational messages or to direct someone to a particular area within it. Create yours now and use it to indicate where the home bar area is, or even promote what drink you have on offer for guests. These signs come in a range of sizes and colours to suit all home interiors.

When purchasing neon LED signs, you can either go for those that have already been decided on, such as the Devil May Cry sign that is popular among gamers to put on their wall, or have custom bespoke designs made to suit your home. There are, however, plenty of choices available when it comes to these signs. So, there should be a sign that appeals to everyone and that fits in with their already decorated home. Alternatively, neon signs can be used to reimagine a home and provide it with a new and refreshing look.

In conclusion, neon signs have a long history and are currently available as LED lights that can be seen from a much greater distance and run more cheaply when it comes to lighting up a home.

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