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Modern Living Room Decoration Ideas

I’m a woman and let me begin by saluting all women out there for the great work they do in their homes. As some people say, the home belongs to a man, but the house belongs to us, women. While I rarely subscribe to general views, I’m one of those people who subscribe to this particular view, and I’m sorry to admit this, just in case anyone out there is not one of the subscribers. But let me pose a question; if someone came to my house and found it dirty, disorganized, and cluttered, whom will they point an accusing finger at, me or my husband? Truth be told, I will be the one to take the hit. Besides cleanliness and tidiness, the decor is one thing I value the most – I just don’t compromise when it comes to getting it right. This involves not getting cheaper products but making expensive products cheaper by using promo codes from websites like https://www.raise.com/coupons/kohls for reputable home decor stores, or, refurbishing furniture that can be restored to its former glory.

Need some modern living room decor ideas? That is exactly what I’m going to discuss in this post. After years of tweaking decor ideas, I have managed to come up with what I believe will work for the readers of this post, given that I have seen it work for many people who have been coming to me for advice.

Leveraging the Wall Art

Wall art is one of the simplest ways of defining the theme of any living room while at the same time boosting the aesthetic value of the space. You can get wall art from all around the world these days now – you can even buy wall decor online india to decorate your home with, which could be a really great way of adding pops of colour to a room. When choosing wall art, I always want to consider the decor of my house. Since I’m in love with coastal themes, I particularly use American flags and faded prints to bring that feel into my living room. When working with decor for the bedroom, however, maybe a more intimate piece, like a photo tapestry with a beautiful family photo might work, regardless of the overall room theme. If I’m working with a farmhouse or cottage theme, I may want to choose an animal or botanical prints to complement that.

Use of Rugs/Carpet

Having a carpet in the living room is not news anymore, given that most modern houses have them. However, there are still many people out there who don’t know that having a rug in the living room complements the overall decor of the space. Rugs can be found at most places that sell home decor items but, for a high-end treat, you’ll find absolutely stunning rugs in all sorts of colors and patterns for both indoors and outdoors at places like Lulu & Georgia. Now, when choosing a carpet, I don’t just go for any color. I always choose a color that will blend with the theme of my house. Given that I have beige sofas, I opted for a rug of the same color, but with some white accents, just to ensure that the room does not look dull. I also have a cream-white rug, though I rarely use it because the little ones tend to dirty it in a day or two. Nevertheless, it has never disappointed me every time I have turned to it.

Wall Mirrors

If anyone out there thinks that wall mirrors are out of date, then they may be wrong. I held a similar view until I visited a house that belonged to a professor in my locality. And while his living room had lots of valuable things, the mirrors on the wall are what struck me most, given that it was the only unique thing I saw there. Two round mirrors overlooked each other on both sides of the living room. They had a wooden frame, and they looked great – I still remember them like yesterday. Now that I did not want to be accused of copying and pasting (writers would call this plagiarism), I opted for oval mirrors, and they look even nicer. With wall mirrors available in various different designs and sizes out there, it is easy for me to find one that suits my living room.

Wall Clocks

I have seen wall clocks ever since I was born, but the more times change, the more they become modern. I’m not saying this so that anyone out there can continue hanging that 1970-wall clock. Getting a modern wall clock is the way to go. I use a glam wall clock in my living space, and it has always been the center of attention. The secret is to hang it where all the visitors will see it.

What About Shelves?

I use shelving to display my favorite items, including books from iconic authors and family photos. While these items are my treasures, they are decorative as well. While displaying my decorative items using shelves, I prefer choosing color-coordinated items to ensure they blend with my living room theme.

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