Smoking Vs. Vaping: Which is Healthier?  

The reason why many people switch from smoking to vaping is that it is said to be healthier. Vaping manufacturers are taking advantage of this good press by producing the kinds of flavours in a cartridge that will further attract smokers to this alternative.

Those that want to wean themselves off tobacco or have grown tired of smoking their medical marijuana can transition to a vapor device that offers that same flavor and effects. However, there are some health-related concerns with vaping that you should not ignore.

So, let us explore the health-related differences between smoking and vaping.

Health Conditions

Smoking tobacco can result in lung disease by damaging your airways and the alveoli (small air sacs) of your lungs. Examples of lung diseases caused by smoking include COPD, which will include chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Most cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking.

Other health conditions caused by smoking include heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.

Research has revealed that smoking just one cigarette per day compared to not smoking at all carries a 40-50 per cent risk of coronary heart disease, the same as if smoking 20 per day. The risk is, of course, greater still for heavy smokers.

However, these effects were all noted using commercially-made cigars and cigarettes which often contain hundreds of different chemical additives. There have been studies showing that people who used organic tobacco were much less likely to have the health effects mentioned. Similar studies have shown that smoking medical-grade marijuana in a good quality bong (see for examples) also did not have the same risks as smoking cigarettes. However, direct smoking is not the only way to inhale marijuana. There are several ways to consume marijuana, including the use of devices such as a water pipe, hand pipe, dab rig, and so on. There are various e-stores like The Freeze Pipe from where smoking equipment can be procured.

Many people, in fact, use bongs to diffuse their smoke for smoother hits. The main reason most smokers prefer a bong (rather than a traditional glass pipe) is for water filtration. You run the risk of inhaling burnt ash or tar when smoking from cigars or regular glass pipes. A number of studies have found that smoking a bong tends to be healthier than smoking without a filter. However, those concerned about their health, on the other hand, tend to add extra filtration, such as an ash catcher from smokersvice, for the ultimate smoke. It is believed to also aid in the cleanliness of the bongs.

Nonetheless, vaping also has its health risks as breathing difficulties, chronic coughing, and several other conditions have been noted in many long-term vapers. Several people have also died from vaping-related circumstances, though the research is still unclear how exactly vaping caused this. Depending on the ingredients in the vapor the user is taking, vaping can also cause lung and heart diseases.

Stopping smoking and switching to vaping can immediately benefit the smoker. But there are still risks, and some health conditions will happen whether someone smokes or not.


Public Health England state that e-cigarettes are 95 per cent safer than smoking. In 2015, the figures showed that e-cigarettes, or vaping, stopped 49 people per day from smoking. This is an encouraging number, and with manufacturers constantly working on new flavours to attract people to vaping, this trend continues, with more and more people switching to the safer alternative.

Though do take note of that 5%. Some vapers experience allergies to ingredients exclusive to vaping such as inflammation and dermatitis.


The problem with smoking is that it is highly addictive and E-cigarettes have been proven to help people quit smoking. However, this is because of the use of nicotine. Vaping in order to quit smoking requires the user to slowly decrease the amount of nicotine present in their vape juice in a controlled program.

Also, it should be noted that nicotine, although addictive, is not as harmful as many of the chemicals found in a cigarette. Nicotine can increase blood pressure, heart rate, the flow of blood to the heart, and a narrowing of the arteries. It is by no means a harmless substance. They are, however, highly addictive. A growing number of studies have discovered that CBD oils (you can buy them here) can be an effective aid in quitting smoking and quitting nicotine. So, if you think you have become addicted to nicotine also, you may give CBD vape oils a try. Its ability to reduce drug-seeking behavior may be due to interactions with the neural systems responsible for these addictive behaviors.


There is no evidence that e-cigarettes will harm bystanders as traditional cigarette smoke does. A big issue about smoking has been the idea that passive smoking is harmful. This is eliminated with e-cigarettes. This makes them a more socially acceptable alternative for smoking in someone else’s company or group social situations. Users of e-cigarettes still must be mindful of the venue rules, laws, and people’s preferences, but e-cigarettes open more places in terms of where the pleasure can be enjoyed.

In conclusion, the health risks associated with smoking can be eliminated or significantly reduced by vaping. The statistics show that e-cigarettes are the safer alternative. The addiction to smoking can be dealt with by e-cigarettes, which have been proven to work. However, there are many considerations to take into consideration before making your choice, or making the switch from cigarettes to vaping. Without these considerations, smokers could simply be switching one vice for another.

If manufacturers and retailers can persuade smokers to switch by continuing to produce and promote new and exciting flavours for vaping, then many lives can be saved globally. It is not an easy task when many have been smoking for years, but with the health risks that are becoming even more apparent, and with conditions continuing to fill hospital beds, there surely must be more chance of success than ever before. We look forward to a world where people are not damaging their health or losing their lives needlessly when the information is out there.

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